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  • We ideate, design and build innovative cloud solutions.

    Cloud Ventures is a venture creation, development and investment business that focuses on Retail, Travel and Blockchain projects.


    Feel free to get in touch with us if you have an idea for a tech venture or need help or investment with a current project.

  • Our Portfolio.

    Current & Past Ventures.

    Open Commerce Platform

    The RainCheck platform helps retail brands and their customers transcend from online discovery to the in-store experience.

    Status - Exit

    Duty-Free Travel App

    The essential travel accessory to jump the queue with contactless tax free shopping plus access to exclusive offers.

    Status - Launch

    Fiat<>Bitcoin Open API

    An open API that enables any digital wallet to swap between Fiat currency and Bitcoin.

    Status - Development

    Decentralised Product Development

    Decentralized community-led product development platform.

    Status - Stealth

    Product-Level Reward Platform

    A direct-to-consumer, product-level rewards platform for brand manufacturers.

    Status - Stealth

    Cash Back Exchange

    A cloud based cashback exchange platform that allows consumers to earn cashback when shopping and allocate it to pay off bills or give to your favourite charity of cause.

    Status - Exit

    Decentralised Product Engagement Platform

    Built on the Lightning Network using Satoshis as Rewards for product engagement.

    Status - Stealth

    Cyber Security

    AwareIT was formed to deliver cost effective, cloud based security solutions which enable businesses from SMB too Enterprise to maintain a robust security posture.

    Status - Operational

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